Concierge – what can I do for you?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Imagine a ship crew that is hungry and what they want to eat is Pizza. It would not be anything special however they wanted it at noon (if you know Italy a bit, you know that restaurants are closed during the day) and in addition they could not leave their working place (yacht) so besides the fact, they wanted Pizza - it was supposed to be delivered to them on board.

Who can outsource the impossible?

Special task person -  Concierge. Even if is not well informed about everything, Concierge knows right people who can help.

Concierge is a person who can be entrusted with impossible and special tasks.

Concierge will make sure that Villa you rented in Sardinia is ready for you with full fridge, security guards, babysitters, and that your stay plan is tailor made to suit your needs: trips, restaurants or emergency situations such as medical appointments. It's a person who does not only organize a 'tailor-made holiday' but primarily helps to avoid situations that could disturb your holiday.

Concierge will move heaven and earth to organize a doctor in case of emergency, but she will also find a vet for a hamster who travels with the owners.

Concierge is a one-man band who can be entrusted with special tasks, even the impossible ones - starting with things you simply do not want to do or just do not have time for:  from arranging meetings or planning the various aspects of your holiday to organizing a photo session with a surprise: engagement in a beautiful, romantic place or inventing and organizing a gift for your beloved person on anniversary, birthday or personalized honeymoon.

Of course, all these services provide full discretion and commitment to the customer.

Concierge can be exclusive for your Sardinian holiday or help remotely, but you can be sure that always is well able to organize almost everything. What does not Concierge do for you depends entirely on your findings and your fantasies, and sometimes simply depends on a fact that she cannot be a jogging partner (even if she is jogging) for her client’s friend who travels with them because no personal trainer is available.

For the previously mentioned yacht crew, Pizza place was opened, the pizza was baked and delivered as requested. Hamster is doing well because the vet was found on a Sunday afternoon.

And what can I do for you?


Karolina Wasielewska

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